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Home » News » Dr. Medeski Wins Optomerist of the Year

Dr. Medeski Wins Optomerist of the Year

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We are so proud that Dr. Linda Medeski has won the Optometric Physicians of Washington award for Doctor of Optometry of 2021!

From their website:

This year's recipient of the Optometrist of the Year award has done just about everything an O.D. can do and more.

She is a champion of optometry rights and works tirelessly to make sure that we can all practice to our fullest extent. If you have ever seen her in action at Day In Olympia, you have witnessed something great. She can talk to anyone from a new first year optometry student who is coming to DIO for the first time to the top dog in any legislative chamber. She is fearless and brave and knows her stuff!There are literally 2 pages, single spaced, of all of the positions she has held within OPW. Some of the highlights are:

- Legislative keyperson- Federal legislative keyperson- Grassroots team leader- Children's vision task force- Awards team leader- Neuro-rehab team leader- PR director- Treasurer- Secretary- Society President

And that's just the OPW-related things that she does! This amazing doctor is also an active and vital member in both COVD: the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and NORA: the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association. She somehow also finds time to volunteer at her church as a Eucharistic minister, volunteer with the rotary association for projects like hurricane relief, work with the homeless shelter, and is a Santa's Posse volunteer where she helps the local sheriff's office with food, toys, and gifts during the holiday season. That would be two or three full time jobs for the average person, but this OD of the Year winner also owns and runs a successful private practice in Vancouver. She has been in practice for 30 years and has the respect and admiration of all of her peers. Truthfully, she should be the winner of the OD of the Year award every year because she is an inspiring, amazing, force of nature. Everyone who meets her is better to have known our friend and colleague, Linda Medeski.