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Patient Registration Form

Downtown Vision Centre Patient Information Form

Camas Vision Centre Patient Information Form

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Eyexcel IVT Adult Questionnaire

Eyexcel IVT Child Questionnaire

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VT Patient Form – VT Training Only

Financial Policy and Office Information

Quality of Life Checklist

Convergence Insufficiency Symptom Survey


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we have had to temporarily reduce our hours. Click here for our July/August hours.

With all of the unknowns confronting us in this difficult time, what remains certain is the importance of eyecare. Many of our children have unfortunately, although understandably, been exposed to much more screentime than ever before. Whether you believe and hope they will need to see the chalkboard across the classroom later this year, or whether they will be attending Zoom classes, we have special lenses for minimizing the effects of Computer Vision Syndrome, and methods for managing their nearsightedness. You also may be in need of relief for long hours of screentime, or you may need a new set of frames or contacts, and you may have pushed off a comprehensive eye exam which can be critical in detecting budding vision disorders and other health conditions. We encourage you to make an appointment with us as soon as you can, so that you will have one less worry as we move together towards a “new normal.”

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Click here for the hygenic procedures we are implementing to keep you safe and healthy.