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Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Testimonial: A. & A.

Visual Conditions Which Frequently Occur from Acquired Brain Injuries ThumbnailDear Parent,

We started Vision Therapy in February of 2014. Our son Lukas was in the 3rd grade, struggling with reading, attention and focusing in the classroom. His classroom teacher at our first parent-teacher conference in October of that school year asked us if we had considered getting Lukas’ pediatrician involved in his attention problems and insinuated he may need to be on medication. We were outraged at her nerve and ignorance. Honestly, we felt an immense feeling of guilt and panic. We felt like although we had made a huge investment to change schools from public to private where Lukas was working with a wonderful reading teacher, we were getting nowhere. To make matters worse a teacher who barely knew us was making us feel like we had failed Lukas. It was hard to take.

We initiated a plan and started having monthly meetings with his teacher and reading teacher together as a team to help keep Lukas on track. This is when Lukas’ reading teacher recommended having Lukas tested by Dr. Medeski to see if he might be a candidate for Vision Therapy. Our decision to go through with Vision Therapy was one of the best decisions we could have made for Lukas and our relationship with him.

We learned so much over the last year, especially in the last 30 weeks of Vision Therapy. We now understand why Lukas was struggling the way he was and have seen tremendous improvements in his reading and focus in the classroom. When Dr. Medeski explained to us how he was seeing the world it all made sense. No one could pay attention if it took that much effort to make their eyes work together.

It has not always been easy but we have stayed highly dedicated. Our commitment has taught us so much about Lukas, his capabilities and his perseverance. We still have work to do but now we are aware of the possibilities. This has been a huge year of growth for Lukas and we are so proud of him and his effort! We are also very grateful to Dr. Medeski and her staff for all they have done to help prepare Lukas for his future.

Anna & Alex