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Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Testimonial: V.

Visual Conditions Which Frequently Occur from Acquired Brain Injuries ThumbnailOur son Corbin was diagnose with ADHD when he was in first grade. This presented us with challenges that he may not be able to focus and he will easily become distracted all of his life. We immediately felt that when he was regressing in reading that it must be his ADHD. Thank you to Dr. Nicascio, who found that Corbin’s eyes were not developing as they should, and he said that we can do something about it. His sight was improving through the use of glasses, but his vision was not.

Vision is what you use to track, read, copy things off the board, where you are in space and well as where objects are in space and how it all relates. As soon as we took the leap to have Corbin begin Vision Therapy we were a bit skeptical but hopeful. Dr. Medeski was lovely and taught us so much about vision and the brain. She explained how it related to Corbin. She also took the time to explain it to him and how his hard work will make school and life more enjoyable for him. One of his eyes shut down as a coping mechanism because it could not handle the double vision he was experiencing, he had little peripheral vision, so he needed to turn his head or body constantly to see what was going on around him.

There is so much I am forgetting and leaving out, but what I do remember is how hard Holly, his Vision Therapist, worked each week with Corbin and how hard Corbin worked each day on his vision homework. The improvements were fast! He went from struggling to read, to reading for fun, to reading so much so that his teacher complained that he was reading too much. His body movements improved, he was less clumsy and he was calmer because he could trust his eyes. Graduating was such a bittersweet moment. I was so proud of him, but it is hard to leave.

We still do out weekly practice and I have found different puzzles and exercises to add to our weekly homework. Once you see how much life improves in and out of school, you want to do everything you can to keep the brain and eye connection improving each day. The entire team gave my son a real shot at life and for that my entire family will forever be grateful.