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Office help is always friendly and helpful. Very nice group of people to work with. Are great at working with you for appt. It's always a nice experience
6 months ago
- Suzie K.
I had a great experience here! I selected them because they work with my insurance, and I’m so happy I did! Dr. Medeski is very kind and knowledgeable, as were the other folks working in the office. They worked around my schedule, took good precautions to keep the office safe and clean during the pandemic, and helped me get a *cute* pair of glasses! Thanks, ladies!
1 year ago
- Elexis K.
I have been going to Downtown Vision care for years. Every time I go I am amazed at how nice and professional the staff is and how much knowledge Dr. Linda has. She also takes the time to explain everything to me in language that I can understand. I’m also very impressed with the fact that I never have to wait more than 10 minutes after arriving for an appointment. I feel absolutely confident and comfortable with the knowledge and professionalism that I have consistently experienced with Downtown Vision Center. My latest visit reaffirms my faith in them.
2 years ago
- Paul S.
It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I write this emphatic letter of recommendation for Dr. Linda Medeski and the entire staff at Downtown Vision Center. It is far from an exaggeration to state that Dr. Medeski’s expertise turned my daughter’s world around. My daughter had been in a debilitating automobile accident and had suffered for over four years as a result of misdiagnosis by over a dozen doctors across varied specialties prior to our finding Dr. Medeski. My daughter had suffered a traumatic brain injury, nerve damage, spine damage, and vision damage. The result was extreme anxiety from an inability to properly perceive reality. My daughter was an excellent high school student who lost many aspects of her long-term and short-term memory, her ability to read and retain information, her access to her extensive vocabulary, her ability to feel comfortable in a social setting, and her ability to enjoy eating. In short, she lost most every experience of value. Dr. Medeski not only recognized this unusual trauma and its symptoms, but had the experience to treat my daughter. Dr. Medeski had not seen a patient so far removed in time from the incident, but she was hopeful about helping my daughter. The therapy was extensive, thorough, and not always comfortable. It was the correct therapy for the challenge. Today, my daughter has improved in every area of trauma, and is mostly returned to her state of being prior to the accident. I am optimistic that the recovery will continue to improve. Dr. Medeski is an amazing optometrist, and she is much more. Her curiosity to explore and educate herself outside of the typical scope of knowledge of optometrists has resulted in her being a one-of-a-kind physician with a skill set unlike any other. Dr. Medeski succeeded where so many doctors of many disciplines who had diagnosed (misdiagnosed) my daughter had failed. I cannot speak highly enough of the expertise and character of Dr. Medeski, not only as a optometrist, but as a person. I wrote this letter of recommendation because I would have felt negligent if I didn’t bring Dr. Medeski to the attention of others. Thank you Dr. Medeski and the entire staff at Downtown Vision Center for bringing my daughter back! With heart-felt appreciation and eternal gratitude, Eric Holmstrom
2 years ago
- Eric H.
People at Downtown Vision Centre are all friendly, professional, and efficient. Linda Medeski gives a very thorough exam. The help I received when choosing glasses was very much appreciated. I was not rushed or made to feel that I was wasting anyone's time. Insurance information was checked and I knew immediately what my out of pocket costs would be. I highly recommend Downtown Vision Centre.
2 years ago
- Carol B.
I had wonderful experience here. Everyone in the office was extremely professional and helpful. From my initial phone call I was greeted with sincere care and professionalism. I would highly recommend this office . Great atmosphere
2 years ago
- tj m.
My first visit to Dr Medeski. She and her staff are very professional and efficient. The bonus is the authentically caring and friendly atmosphere in this office.
2 years ago
- mary s.